Lope de Rueda, Spain's 16th Century Comedian - The Pasos: translated and staged as living history
Bythe St George Street Players
of St. Augustine FL 1980-1990
of Lope de Rueda,
16th Century Comedian Extraordinaire,
 And his late 20th Century  collaboration
withThe Saint George Street Players
 Lope de Rueda travelled the highways and byways, streets and lanes of Spain  for 30 years or more, making people laugh: poor people, rich people, city folk and country folk, both the homeless and the royal…and one little boy who would grow up to become Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra....more
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A hearty welcome
 .................as we begin again, in cyberspace
...to all those interested in the short comedies of  Lope de Rueda and Anton Chekhov, whose works are suitable for small theaters, as well as acting classes, and historic re-enactments. 
Background and information on the life and works of Lope de Rueda are here now..  Lope's short works ("pasos") we translated and performed as Living History in Saint Augustine, Fla.for ten years; then we toured the state with them on a Humanities grant; and accepted an invitation to the Siglo de Oro Festival at Chamizal in San Antonio, TX, in 1984 ... performing only the second in English there!  
Soon we will offer the one-act plays  of Anton Chekhov ... our translations as performed as Living History in Saint Augustine.
The Pasos of Lope de Rueda, translations in English: For a catalogue of works being prepared now for publication Click here
For our translation of the first page of each of the pasos from the collection:   El Deleitoso, Click here   Los Representantes, Click here.
Los Entresacados, Click here.
For notes on the translator's choicesClick here
For notes on stock characters Click here
The theatrical career
of Lope de Rueda
in his own era….1535-1565
Lope de Rueda was born in Seville in 1510, as close as anyone has been able to determine, the son of Juan de Rueda, a craftsman who supported his family by beating gold into the tissue-thin leaves used for gilding statues and decorative art. The son, Lope, learned and pursued his father’s trade.  But when the Italian Commedia troupe led by the actor Mutio performed in Seville, Lope was there and found his true calling. He left Seville at some point with a troupe of traveling actors, perhaps that same Mutio....more
The Comedian’s Wife
Actress, singer, dancer--- a career woman ahead of her time…the curious story of Mariana de Rueda, wife & stage partner of the great comedian….
By 1554, Lope de Rueda was married to a singer, dancer and actress of great talent and ability, Mariana, who in later centuries has been much maligned in most short English language biographies of her husband...more
The last will and testament
 of Lope de Rueda
March 21, 1565   
Know, whoever sees this letter of testament that I, Lope de Rueda, son of Juan de Rueda (deceased) created by God, being in this instant, present in this City of Córdoba in the collacion of Santa Maria in the establishment of Diego Lopez, master of the Servants’ School of Reading, being infirm of body and sound of will and in my good senses and natural understanding, (a profession of faithfollows) …I grant and order my testament…in which first I commend my soul to God, our Señor and Maker, Nourisher and Redeemer, that He in his Sainted Suffering and Piety will want to grant pardon and commend my soul to the sanctified Glory of Paradise...... 
........there follows an inventory of the actor's            possessions, his company's costumes, props....unpaid debts and uncollected performance fees......click here
The Pasos:  translations in English
The catalogue of works being prepared now for publication
Notes on the translator's choices
First pages from El Deleitoso
Beyond Lope....
 Original works and translations...
                                                by Steve Hansen
"This, Do In Remembrance of Me..."
  The  St Augustine Passion Play   as written and directed by Steve Hansen,  is now available for download.  This was performed during the 1980s by the St. George Street Players, by torchlight inside the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument during Easter Week  in Saint Augustine FL.  (the file is large, so one must download 3 parts for full script) Click here
A performance of the St. Augustine Passion Play
inside the Castillo de San Marcos National Monument
More to Come
Soon we will be offering the one-act plays of Anton Chekhov, as translated and staged by Steve Hansen in 1983-84 as 19th Century living history events in St. Augustine Fla.  The collection will  Include "The Bear," "The Proposal," "Jubilee," "The Tragedian In Spite of Himself," "Swansong," and "The Deleterious Effects of Tobacco."
And soon to follow:
The Theatre-In-The-Woods Collection of 15 children's plays, by Steve Hansen, retelling children's classics of the 19th Century, suitable for performance in period clothing, with suggested educational discussion topics.
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Lope de Rueda
Portrait from  Biblioteca Colombina, Seville, Spain
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