Lope de Rueda, Spain's 16th Century Comedian - The Pasos: translated and staged as living history
After some 300 years ... amazing discovery!
Dec. 14, 2006
El Centro Internacional de Investigacion de La Lengua Espanola (CILengua) today presented the critical edition of “Tres Coloquios de Juan de Vergara y Lope de Rueda” with the unedited text of the poet of Seville—and the facsimile of the edition printed in Logrono in 1529 of  “The Book of the Famous Marco Polo.”
The Director of the Spanish Library Institute of CILengua,  Pedro Catedra explained that the first book presented,the three colloquies, is a text that has been sought since the 16 Century because the last person to see it before it was lost was Lope de Vega.
This copy has been located in a public library in France after a  three-hundred year search by bibliographers,  historians and persons of the theatre world, Catedra asserted.  
The book contains  “an  unedited work of Lope de Rueda that was known to Cervantes becaue he cited it, but we have never seen it, “ said the director, who recalled that the book was published in Valencia in 1567.
Catedra classified the book as “a find that is very important to Spanish theatre, “ and promised that when it receives new publication it will be accompanied with an ample study by both himself and the Faculty of the University de Salamanca under Emilio de Miguel.......
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