Lope de Rueda, Spain's 16th Century Comedian - The Pasos: translated and staged as living history
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 English Translations of The Pasos of Lope de Rueda
As performed by the St. George Street Players of St. Augustine FL 1981-1992
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(All of the pasos listed by title are translated and prepared for publication.)
First set: 7 pasos
El Deleitoso (The Delightful)
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     I.    Los Criados  (The Servants) (now available) cast of 3: a lackey, a bobo servant, their master. A  wayward lackey dallies in town on errands,  and gets in trouble when his tongue-tied friend keeps saying the wrong thing.
      II.    La Caratula  (The Mask)   cast of 2: master and bobo servant.  Master frightens his servant with a trick but the trick backfires when he is found out.
      III.   Cornudo y Contento  (Cuckolded & Content) 3 men,  1 woman. (Adult content) An impossibly naïve husband’s faith in his wife cannot be shaken, no matter how obvious is her infidelity.
       IV.     El Convidado  (The Guest)  3 men: traveler, lawyer and gradúate student.  A country fellow naively accepts a rhetorical dinner invitation from a poverty stricken lawyer, who subsequently is tricked by his student neighbor.
         V.    La Tierra de Jauja  (The Land of HaHa)  A bobo and two thieves. A bobo is conned out of his pot of stew with a distraction game by two thieves.
        VI.     Pagar y No Pagar  (To Pay or Not to Pay)  3 men, an hidalgo, a bobo servant, a thief. A servant is sent into town to pay the rent on his master’s property, but  a sneak thief pretends to be the landlord and gives him a fake receipt; master and servant return to town to find the thief and a grand chase ensues.
        VII.     Las Aceitunas  (The Olives) 1 man, 2 women, and a neighbor. Papa comes home after planting an olive shoot and a grand family argument erupts over the price to be charged for the olives 25 years hence.  The most widely known of Lope’s works.
Second set: 6 pasos
El Registro de Los Representantes (The Actors’ Selections)  To see the first page of four of these selections, click here          
          I.  El Bollo Mantecado   (The Buttered Loaf) 3 men, 1 woman: Two servants, a patient and a physician.   A clever lackey persuades a bobo servant to pose as their master, the physician in order to obtain the loaf of buttered bread brought as payment by a patient, with hilariously disastrous results.                   
          II.  Los Ladrones  (The Kindly Thief) 4 men: An old thief, two young thieves and a naïve country fellow. Two young thieves seek advice about how to survive living a life of crime; and they practice their trickery on a hapless passerby.
          III.  Los Desposorios (The Betrothal)  (not yet available)
          IV.  Madrigalejo     (Madrigalejo)  3 men: a notorious criminal, a young fool who admires him, and a sheriff.  When bothered by a wide-eyed young fan, a notorious thief implicates the young lad in his crimes.
           V.  El Rufiano Cobarde (The Cowardly Ruffian)  (not yet available)
          VI.  Los Turrones Perdidos  (The Missing Turrones)  5 people; master or mistress, two pages, a bobo servant, and a servant from Gascon.   Missing candy sets the household in pandemonium; lots of running and yelping.  And make sure you have slapsticks on your prop list.
Third set: 13 Pasos
Los Entresacados  (The Excerpts)    Pasos excerpted from longer plays.
From “Eufemia”
           I.        Los Duelistas   (The Duel) 3 men: two lackeys and a page.  A young, brash, lackey challenges an older, experienced lackey to a duel over an absurd, imagined slight; lots of bravado and elaborate rhetoric while both try to figure a way out of actually dueling.
           II.       (not yet available)
          III.       El Remedio   (The Cure) 2 women, 1 man.  Bobo servant comes to serving girl looking for a cure because he cannot open his eyes.  The cure is worse than the ailment.
           IV.       (not yet available)
From "Medora"
            V.        (not yet available)
           VI.        (not yet  available)
          VII.        La Gitana  (The Gypsy)  1 man, 1 woman.  A gypsy plies the old pigeon drop con game, relieving a servant of his master’s gold coin, gold chain, and cape.
From "Camila"
          VIII.      (not yet available)
           IX.       (not yet available)
  From “Timbria” 
          X.         La Hojaldra   (The Puff Pastry) 2 characters: Leno, the bobo servant Is sent to deliver a pastry, but he took only a little taste……a whole bunch of times….and now he must use his wits…
         XII.       El Sueno          (Leno’s Dream) 2 characters:  Leno  and a Harpy.  Leno has awakened from a nap thinking that he is a donkey.
        XIII.       El Raton           (The Rat)   2 characters: Leno and his master (or mistress)   Leno has returned late from his mission to get firewood.  He disguises himself as a huge rat from the New World and tells a tall tale to distract from his failure to bring the firewood.
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